Below are the current nets.  Other nets will be posted as needed.

ARES Training Net: Mondays at 1900L on W1ALE (146.940)
This net is for training and information regarding
regular operations of the Capital Area ARES

HARP Net: Wensdays at 1600L
While the HARP net does not usually use either the W1ALE or KA1OKQ Repeater, they may from time to time.  Please give them priority when they do decide to use the repeaters as it is for emergency training.

ARES Digital Net: Wednesday at 1900L on W1ALE (146.940)
This net is for training in Digital Modes for Capital Area ARES Group. They use FLDigi and MMSSTV to transmit and receive messages and images.

Granite State FM Net: Nightly at 2030L on W1ALE (146.940)
This is a nightly rag chew for all hams.  It’s casual nature is great for first timers, and gives old timers a chance to catch up with friends around the area.

Granite State Traffic Net: Nightly at 2100L on W1ALE (146.940)
This net is for passing traffic (messages) into and out of the National Traffic System.

Capital Area Weather Net: Nightly at 2200L on KA1OKQ (147.225)