Quarterly Meeting Minutes – January 29, 2018

Capital Area Repeater Society
Quarterly Meeting Minutes January 29, 2018

  1. Call to order at 1902L with 9 members present
  2. Secretaries Report read and approved
  3. Nominations for Director were taken.  Peter (K1PJS) was elected
  4. Nominations for Vice President were taken.  Frank (N1FDR) was elected
  5. Discussion of IRS Status occurred. Resolution of matter in our favor.
  6. Treasurers Report was read and approved.
  7. Discussion of Membership retention occurred.
    1. Contact net managers to make sure there is mention of CARS in their closing.
    2. Tiered Membership was discussed.
    3. Discussion on setting up PayPal for CARD occurred.  Will be followed up by N1FDR.
    4. Email all former members personally with a reminder, follow up in 30 days with note card
    5. N1FDR Will meet up with KB1WTI for placing PayPal on the website.
  8. Tech Committee Report
    1. Plausawa Hill status discussed.
    2. W1ALE Status was discussed.
      1. Discussion of recent issues
      2. Motion to purchase new antenna was seconded and approved.
      3. Work Day planned for spring.
    3. Small discussion reguarding the 220 machine occurred.
  9. April 23, 2018 possible date for next meeting.
  10. Adjourn at 2030l


Respectfully Sumitted
Jeffrey Shaw (KB1WTI)
CARS Secretary

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