Minutes from the Annual Meeting of October 23, 2017


  1. Meeting was called to order at 1902local with 8 members and 1 guest present.
  2. Secretaries report was read and approved.
  3. Nominations for Board of Directors occurred.
    – 1 Seat was made vacant by KC1CHJ unable to return as Vice President.  Position will need to be filled before January 1.
    – All other board members were reelected.
  4. Elections for Officers occurred.
    – Motion to accept the 3 current officers was forwarded and passed unanimously.
  5. Secretary will send out email asking the members for someone to step into the role.
  6. Treasurers Report was read and approved.
  7. IRS Status was discussed
    – A full explanation of the fees occurred with a progress report.  Announcement will be made when final outcome is known.
  8. Membership dues suggestion of $35 was made.
    – Society must maintain 20+ members to continue operating.
    – Dues are due Jan 1
    – Motion for Dues was forwarded and approved.
  9. Secretary will make postcards and send to past and present members about dues.
  10. Tech Committee Report
    – 220 Machine is still in progress
    – Due to the operational issues with the Fusion Radio, the radio is ready to return to owner.
    – Currently no major issues are being seen on either .940 or .225
    – Other Plauswa Hill Status items discussed
    – Discusion of Emergency Power, the possibility of getting an inverter (Tech committee will investigate. (Current machine is AC Only if Sec memory serves correct)
  11. Work party is on hold for various reasons.
  12. Net Request forms will be made into a PDF by Secretary and posted to the website.  All requests will be sent to Secretary for processing.
  13. Website is stable with limited changes suggested
  14. New Business Discussion of Ares use of repeaters.  Society decided ARES has priority on repeater for public service events, drills and emergencies.
  15. Next meeting on or about January 22, 2018
  16. Meeting Adjourned 2000local

Respectfully Submitted,

Jeffrey Shaw
CARS Secretary

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