Quarterly Meeting Minutes July 25, 2017


  1. Call to Order at 1901local with 7 members and 1 guest present.
  2. Secretaries Report of Regular meeting from April was read and approved
  3. Treasurers Report was Read and approved.
    1. Additional Fees and paperwork relating to organization was discussed
  4. Membership: 26 Fully paid members and 2 lifetime memberships at present
    1. Secretary reports that there were 26 members in 2016 as well
  5. Website: Net Request forms options still being explored.
  6. Tech Committee Report
    1. W1ALE:
      1. Swapped back to old repeater about 2 months ago to trouble shoot continued issues
      2. Discussion about the future of Fusion on W1ALE occurred
      3. Motion was forwarded and passed unanimously to return the Fusion Radio (Note: Fusion Radio was one of the early models and has some issues of it’s own)
    2. Discussion of further issues plaguing both machines occurred.  Still looking for a resolution.
  7. Discussion of Budget occurred
  8. Motion to accept Budget as proposed was forwarded, and passed unanimously.
  9. Discussion of plans and status regarding a 220MHZ repeater  occurred.
  10. Mention that nets should only thank CARS at this time as CARS is the owner/operator of W1ALE and WA1OKQ.
  11. Discussion about a “Work Party” at the repeater site occurred.  Date and Time to be announced and emailed by Secretary.
  12. Mention of National Night Out Against Crime on August 1.  Secretary will be there to collect donations, dues, and sign up new members as needed.
  13. Question about the messages on ALE and OKQ was presented.  Decided a full review of messages will occur.  Possible Messages discussed.
  14. Question about status of EchoLink was presented, with a short discussion following.  Status is “Work in progress”
  15. Next Meeting: Annual Meeting Mid October.
  16. Adjourn at 1945 Local
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