Quarterly Meeting Minutes January 23, 2017


  1. Called to order at 1902Local
  2. Secretary Report read and accepted
  3. Treasurers Report read and accepted
  4. Members: Secretary will compare this year vs last year and send out a notice to outstanding members.
  5. Website Report Given.  Some additional back end work is in progress.
  6. Insurance Follow-up presented
  7. Tech Committee Report
    – W1ALE Controller Issues Discussed, External controller will be explored
    – Messages on .225 Discussed.
  8. Net Request and policies Discussed.
    – Forms to be put on site with submit email to KC1CHJ
    – Net Request System Voted on and passed.
  9. Official Status of 501(c)3 with back date to inception
  10. Constitution Amendment Discussed
    – Passed Unanimously
  11. Bylaw Amendment Discussed
    – Passed Unanimously
  12. 440mHz Coordination Proposal presented and Discussed.
    – Society expressed no desire to pursue at this time however
    discussion of a 220mHz machine was raised and will be pursued
    – Moved Seconded and passed.
    Other Business with 440 machine discussed
  13. KC1KHJ will help at the CVRC Flea with CARS Presense
  14. Next meeting on or about April 17, 2017
  15. Adjourn 2021 Local

Respectfully Submitted
Jeffrey Shaw – KB1WTI
CARS Secretary

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