Welcome to the Capital Area Repeater Society. CARS is a non-profit corporation established to ensure continued operation of the amateur radio repeaters in the greater Concord area.

We are a group of dedicated amateur radio operators interested in ensuring that communication systems are in place in the capital area in case of emergency and for general use.

CARS members support the community by supporting and paying the repeater operation costs such as insurance and electricity. Volunteers help maintain the electronics and antennae

The 146.940 W1ALE Repeater is one of the oldest continuous 2m repeaters on the air today. Ted Everet fired up the repeater in the 1960’s and helped form the North East FM Repeater Association. Over the years, Ted and friends maintained the 146.940 repeater until his death in 2012. At that time, K1PJS, Pete Stohrer picked up the maintenance. Meanwhile, KA1OKQ 147.225 Repeater was on the air, sharing a home with .940 and 2 other repeaters (220 and 440).  The owners of the repeaters decided in 2015 that instead of 1 person bearing the burden of keeping the repeaters on the air, an association would be formed to generate more help and interest in maintaining the repeaters.

W1ALE 146.940 pl 114.8
KA1OKQ 147.225 pl 100