Amateur Radio Responds to Earthquakes

Amateur Radio Volunteers Assisting in Italian Earthquake Response

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Notes From Your Web Manager

Welcome to the new CA-ARES site and I hope everything is working for you as you poke around at what is currently here.  In the future, there will be a calendar of events, net scripts, comm plans, MOU’s, and much more that better show who we are.

The other thing we will start posting is training information.  We already have some information about KC1CHJ’s wonderful NCS training that was presented in August, and we hope to have more about different things we can do to be prepared when all else fails.

While this is a work in progress (It will never be done, just always revised and updated) we should be live for the September meeting with user accounts for Staff following shortly.

As usual, any questions, just email me kb1wti @



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ARES In The News

Amateur Radio Volunteers Responding to Louisiana Flooding Catastrophe

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NCS Training Documents


These are the files for KC1CHJ’s NCS Training on Saturday August 20th.

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