K1FLI – Frank L. Irvine – SK

In Memory of Frank L. Irvine K1FLI Frank L. Irvine, a dedicated advocate for peace and justice, passed away in Concord on July 27, 2016, at the age of 81.  The son of Frank and Rosalyn (Birchall) Irvine, he was born in Nashua on August 29, 1934.  He graduated from Nashua High School and earned degrees from Gordon College, Gordon-Conwell Divinity School and Andover Newton Theological School.  He was married to Frances (Allen) Irvine on October 3, 1959, and they celebrated their 56th wedding anniversary last year. He served as a member of U.S. Army Intelligence, and later as an Army chaplain in Virginia, Korea and California.  He was the minister of multiple churches in Maine and New Hampshire and co-director of the Department of Pastoral Services at New Hampshire Hospital before co-founding a group practice of pastoral psychotherapy in 1979.  He left the (more…)


CONTOOCOOK VALLEY RADIO CLUB EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETING – 7-26-16 There were 11 people present at this meeting ( a relatively large number, especially for this time of year.) Mickie gave the Treasurer’s report. This summer, the club cost of the picnic was drastically reduced to only $198.00, even though we had about 50 people attend, and people brought many really delicious side dishes, and etc. After paying donations to Pat’s Peak, Library and Middle School we received two thank you’s, from the Library and from the Middle School. We had further discussions on replacing the rollers on our antenna masts. We will set up some work times, later, when the weather begins to get cooler. Noted that there are 8 to 10 rollers per mast. VP Larry mentions that he is trying to line up Neil Goodell to give a talk on RF grounding (more…)


  CONTOOCOOK VALLEY RADIO CLUB GENERAL MEETING – 7/12/16 There were 13 people in attendance. VP Larry Beagle reported on Field Day: 6062 points so far. 80m = 239 q’s, 40m = 209 q’s on cw, and 255 q’s on phone, 20m = 84 digital q’s, 652 q’s on phone, 6m = 50 q’s on phone, 2m = 1q on phone, etc. There were 1450 bonus points. Also noted that Larry ordered and received 10 rubber rollers for the military masts. They were $12.50 ea. including shipping. A motion was made, seconded, voted upon and passed to order a second set of 10. There are also tower winches that need repair and some common hardware will be purchased for that. Another motion was made, seconded, voted upon and passed for all parts, including those already arrived to not exceed $500.00 total. Noted that club (more…)


CONTOOCOOK VALLEY RADIO CLUB EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETING – 6/21/16 There were 15 people present for this final Field Day Planning Meeting. This is an unusually large gathering for an Exec. Bd. Mtg. We had further discussion of Gerry Hull’s idea of a remote station being set up for the primary use of CVRC members. It was moved, seconded, voted and passed to defer discussions on this matter until Gerry returns and after Field Day. Jock came to the meeting and can operate 40 meters but we still need a 40 meter Band Captain. * Jeff (KB1WTI) and Jim McElroy will man the GOTA station and Jeff will be Captain of that operation. SO – 50 will be the target satellite for Steve and Dale. Steve will obtain satellite data. We all gather at 10:00 am Friday morn for the big setup. We will operate (more…)

Regular Meeting Minutes for June 07, 2016

CONTOOCOOK VALLEY RADIO CLUB GENERAL MEETING JUNE 7, 2016 1. There were 21 people present at the meeting. 2. Money was collected for Field Day meals, by the Treasurer. 3. Pre Field Day setup schedule: Thurs. 1:00 pm – layout the field….. Fri. 10:00 am setup in earnest… much help needed. Lunch to those who work…. Evening meal at Sal’s Pizza – on your own. 4. Next Business mtg. will be 6/21/16 at 7:00 pm at Dale’s place…. Corbin Rd. Henniker. Note: This is another exception date… this is NOT the last Tuesday of the month, as is usually the case. 5. We ran the WMUR video on previous Field Day events. 6. VP Larry ran a Power Point Video on using a logging program on Field Days. 7. The secretary’s report was given. It was moved to accept, seconded, voted at passed. 8. (more…)

Exec. Board Meeting May 24, 2016

CONTOOCOOK VALLEY RADIO CLUB EXEC. BD. MTG. 5/24/16 1. There were 8 people present: President, Vice Pres., Sec’y., Treas., Ken Wilkens, Frank Ross, Dale Clement, Jeff Shaw. 2. Dale reported on availability of Elm Brook State Park, for July 24th picnic. 3. Motion was made to have Club Picnic at Jen and Jeff’s house on Sat., July 23rd. Motion Seconded, voted and passed. 4. The rain date will be Sunday, July 24th . 5. Fred and Anita volunteered to demonstrate HF mobile operations at the picnic. 6. We must send a notice of the picnic out on the web, etc. in a timely fashion. 7. Reminder: Only club members can eat free. FIELD DAY PLANNING: 8. The GOTA tent will double as the 80 meter tent at night. 9. Al Bardwell will bring the 80 meter antenna. 10. Dale will provide a mast for (more…)

N1FOJ – John “El Presidente” Moore – SK

John Moore, N1FOJ 1953-2016 Here are some kind words from his friend, Mr. Mike, W1RC: “It is with deep regret that I report that our friend, John Moore, N1FOJ, passed away on Friday April 8th 2016. it was expected and death came to him as a blessing and a relief. I am sad but happy for him, his many friends and family that his long suffering has finally come to an end. John was “El Presidente” of the Contoocook Valley Radio Club (CVRC) for many years. He and this directors took over when the club was essentially dying and revived to to what it is today; a vibrant, well attended popular organization with many members, a seriously active Field Day effort and a very positive bank balance. John was also a very accomplished DXer. His 333 confirmed countries gave him “High Honor Roll” ARRL (more…)


The Contoocook Valley Radio Club Picnic/cookout/foxhunt July 15, 2001     In lieu of the regular club meeting in July, the club voted at its June meeting to have an outing at Elm Brook Park in Hopkinton Sunday July 15. The weather could not have been more pleasant! Skip Doughty, N1PHZ, brought the necessary tools and cooking equipment, Dave Connors, N1TKP, and his daughter Chris gave generously of their time to cook and serve the food. On arrival, many of the members who brought their HT’s were seen walking around the park trying to locate the “FOX” that Ken Wilkens, K1MID, had hidden the day before. Unofficially, Tim Firkowski, KB9DGB found the hidden transmitter first and then Jason Greene, N1IIC, The best homebrew antenna was Dale’s, AF1T.   Club members who attended were:   Jason, N1IIC Ellie O’Hearn, KB1EFJ Tim, KB9DGB Ken, K1MID and (more…)


Contoocook Valley Radio Club Business Meeting July 5, 2001 Minutes     Pres. Jason, N1IIC opened the meeting at 7:32, July 5, 2001, at his home in Bow, NH.   Members in attendance: Jason Greene, N1IIC; Dale Clement, AF1T; Al Marin, K1CYJ, Shawn Upton, KB1CKT, Tim Firkowski, KB9DGB, Al Bardwell, NS1O, Don Curtis, N1ZIH.   Field Day wrap-up: Tim collected the remaining dupes sheets. Jason also mentioned that he had the logs on diskettes for those who utilized computer logging. The ARRL bonus checklist was reviewed. Tim brought 175 photos that he took during the weekend. He will download those and other photos and videos, yet to be contributed, to a CD which then will be reproduced and made available for purchase by club members. Forty seven (47) people visited the field day site. Tower Issue: The erecting and lowering of towers, safety issues, (more…)

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