CONTOOCOOK VALLEY RADIO CLUB GENERAL MEETING – 11/8/16 There were 20 people present. Noted that the Christmas Party was to be 3:30 to 8:00 pm at the Japanese Restaurant on Manchester St., on Dec. 10th. The Yankee Swap will be included, as usual. Cal Calavito, (WA1WOK) from HRO came to give us the latest info on Christmas gifts for Ham Radio. He talked about new radios, such as the FT-991A, featured on the new catalog cover, several new HT’s, some of which are very powerful in terms of what they can do, some new analyzers, and other devices. It was very informative. Larry Beagle mentioned that the repeater signal is much better than it used to be, since the nearby pine tree was cut down. The Election of Officers occurred. Ballots were distributed, counted, and the results were as follows: Jen Shaw won, as (more…)


CONTOOCOOK VALLLEY RADIO CLUB EXECUTIVE BOARD MTG. – 10/25/16 There were 12 people present. Minutes of the last meeting were read by the Secretary. A financial report was given by the Treasurer. Later on in the meeting, a motion was made, seconded, voted and passed to approve the Secretary’s and Treasurer’s Reports. Jock proposed that the CVRC formalize its relationship with the Henniker School’s Radio Club. Such relationship to involve doing activities with the club members such as someone coming in once or twice, someone else coming in more regularly, or other options. Options may include a onetime presentation on a particular radio related subject. A motion was made to have one club member become vetted via an extensive background check process, which may cost up to $100.00. The motion was tabled until an exact figure and procedures could be obtained. Another motion was (more…)


CONTOOCOOK VALLEY RADIO CLUB GENERAL MEETING – 10/12/16 The Tech. Class will be taught on Nov. 18th, 19th, 20th at the Red Cross Building in Concord. Related to the newly formed Scholarship Committee: Don Curtis will handle public information/affairs, Jeff Shaw will assist Don with that; Pete Jones will be the Fund Raising Director and will assist with applicant reviews, Steve Jones will assist with academic affairs such as H.S. Assemblies and administrative contacts. There will also be an ARES representative. A donation jar will be set up at Nearfest and $10.00 has already been donated. Next came the VHF Forum. Presenters were: Jim Fowler, KA1SU on various VHF/UHF topics. Then Dale talked about his new 24 GHz radio system. After that, Patrick presented info on an Arduino Rasberry Pie that he has been working with. Nominations were held for next year’s officers. They (more…)

Nominations for officers

Last night, the club took nominations for officers for the 2017 year. Jen, K1JNE, was nominated and accepted for President, Frank, N1FDR, stepped up for Vice President, Jeff, KB1WTI for Secretary, and W1MKY for Treasurer. In November, we will have ballots for all voting members to cast a ballot for these positions. HRO will also be at the meeting to show us all the new toys we want Santa to bring us for Christmas! KB1WTI will be at the November Meeting to sign up members to the website.  If you do register prior to the meeting, I will send you a password as soon as I verify the account. ~73 KB1WTI (more…)


CONTOOCOOK VALLEY RADIO C LUB EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETING 9/27/16 Present: P. Hart, James G., K. Wilkens, F. Ross, L. Beagle, S. Jones, M Plunkett, Dale & Mickie Clement. Larry indicates that the next general meeting will feature a VHF and above, type of forum. The Secretaries report and the Treasurer’s report were given. There was a motion to accept both. It was seconded, voted upon and approved. Mike Plunkett spoke again in support of the Scholarship fund. He suggests an exploratory committee with its own Treasurer, so they can start collecting money real soon. He also plans to have some application reviewers. A motion was made to place a jar at the Nearfest table we will be running in Deerfield. The motion was seconded, voted upon and approved. The Scholarship Comm. Now, consists of Don Curtis-Publicity, S Jones-school experience, James G. and Mike Plunkett-concept (more…)

New K1BKE.ORG is Live!

It’s been a long road to this point, and now you all can see the work that has been going on in the back ground.  Over the next few weeks, we will continue migrating all of the content from the old site to the new site.  While some of it may take a little longer (16 years of meeting minutes for example) we hope to have it all done by the end of the year. Several people have offered to help with this transition and you will be receiving information within a week from this post on how to log into this site.  We have minutes and pictures to go through, lots of them… Also this week, we will add accounts for the officers of the club and will go over some posting how-to’s. For now, if you do not have an account, but you have (more…)


CONTOOCOOK VALLEY RADIO CLUB GENERAL MEETING – 9-13-16 The meeting began at 7:30 pm. There were about 17 people present. Repeater – Pat’s Peak will trim trees near our repeater antenna. Tonight was “Show-and-Tell” night. Frank Ross began with a demonstration on FL digi with Don Curtis. Next, Barry W., NF1O, did a “show-and-tell” of several of his DX & other awards that he has acquired over the years. Then Mary, his w2ife, showed her award. KC1ENS, Charlie, showed a 3 band receiver run by an Arduino computer chip. Steve, N1JHJ showed a digital meter that he had built. K1MIC showed a Heathkit lunchbox that he was trying to get operational again. He just needs a few things to get it going. Mike also talked about the value of having the CVRC sponsor a scholarship (maybe something in the range of $200), for a (more…)


  CONTOOCOOK VALLEY RADIO CLUB EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETING – 8/23/16 There were about 13 people present: K. Wilkens, P. Hart, James G. (and family), F. Ross, S. Jones, Mickie and Dale (hosts), J. Shaw, L. Beagle, M. Plunkett, K. Lodge (KA1KAL). Mickie reimbursed Larry B. $153.00 for the new tent that we previously agreed to purchase. The Secretaries and Treasurers reports were given. There was a motion to accept. It was seconded, voted upon and passed. Jeff continued his report and a presentation on improvements he’s making to the, the and the websites. It was already apparent that the improvements look great and we thank him for his efforts. The three sites will be under a linked umbrella site known as Noted that the Boxboro Flea Market will be coming up on Sept. 9-11, 2016. The next three presentations for (more…)

Contoocook Valley Radio Club