New K1BKE.ORG is Live!

It’s been a long road to this point, and now you all can see the work that has been going on in the back ground.  Over the next few weeks, we will continue migrating all of the content from the old site to the new site.  While some of it may take a little longer (16 years of meeting minutes for example) we hope to have it all done by the end of the year. Several people have offered to help with this transition and you will be receiving information within a week from this post on how to log into this site.  We have minutes and pictures to go through, lots of them… Also this week, we will add accounts for the officers of the club and will go over some posting how-to’s. For now, if you do not have an account, but you have (more…)


CONTOOCOOK VALLEY RADIO CLUB GENERAL MEETING – 9-13-16 The meeting began at 7:30 pm. There were about 17 people present. Repeater – Pat’s Peak will trim trees near our repeater antenna. Tonight was “Show-and-Tell” night. Frank Ross began with a demonstration on FL digi with Don Curtis. Next, Barry W., NF1O, did a “show-and-tell” of several of his DX & other awards that he has acquired over the years. Then Mary, his w2ife, showed her award. KC1ENS, Charlie, showed a 3 band receiver run by an Arduino computer chip. Steve, N1JHJ showed a digital meter that he had built. K1MIC showed a Heathkit lunchbox that he was trying to get operational again. He just needs a few things to get it going. Mike also talked about the value of having the CVRC sponsor a scholarship (maybe something in the range of $200), for a (more…)


  CONTOOCOOK VALLEY RADIO CLUB EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETING – 8/23/16 There were about 13 people present: K. Wilkens, P. Hart, James G. (and family), F. Ross, S. Jones, Mickie and Dale (hosts), J. Shaw, L. Beagle, M. Plunkett, K. Lodge (KA1KAL). Mickie reimbursed Larry B. $153.00 for the new tent that we previously agreed to purchase. The Secretaries and Treasurers reports were given. There was a motion to accept. It was seconded, voted upon and passed. Jeff continued his report and a presentation on improvements he’s making to the, the and the websites. It was already apparent that the improvements look great and we thank him for his efforts. The three sites will be under a linked umbrella site known as Noted that the Boxboro Flea Market will be coming up on Sept. 9-11, 2016. The next three presentations for (more…)


The following is excerpted and reinterpreted from articles I’ve been reading in certain commercially based publications provided to those who are responsible for making plans and purchases for emergency related municipal and other communications services. It seems that the FCC is planning to set aside certain channels specifically for interoperability between such agencies as Police, Fire, Homeland Security and others.  In some discussions these channels may appear in commonly used VHF and UHF bands such as 150-170 MHz and 450-475 MHz bands. In other cases there are plans to use certain 700 MHz frequencies or even other ones not yet specifically identified.  Of course certain communications currently occurring in some of these frequencies will have to be accomodated by reallocation or otherwise scrunched and pushed and shoved around a bit, to make it all fit together.   Remember there are only so many fequencies (more…)

K1DFQ – Wilfred “Frenchy” French – SK

In Memory of Wilfred French “Frenchy” K1DFQ Frenchy became a ham radio operator in 1957. He took his Novice test at Evans Radio in Concord, NH. This was a great place to buy used equipment at a reasonable price. His first transmitter was a Viking Adventurer which he purchased there. He soon upgraded to General and then Advanced. He operated on all bands and believed you should have an antenna for every band. His favorite part of the hobby was “rag chewing”. He enjoyed getting on 10 meters in the evening with club members W1MAS Bob, K1BKE Bob, K1BGI Ken, K1HMH Phil, W1HTI Dean, K1CKL Sid and many others. All silent keys. He would spend many evenings on 2 meters with his good friend K1OXO Vic. He enjoyed hill topping and always had a mobile radio. He helped get the first repeater up on (more…)


  CONTOOCOOK VALLEY RADIO CLUB GENERAL MEETING – Aug. 9, 2016 There were 23 people present tonite. President Pat has another new call which is now W1UD. Larry Beagle began a demonstration on the Alpha Military Antenna, using the new Icom 7100 radio. Frank (N1FDR), made a variety of announcements of volunteer, community activities, which are upcoming involving ARES and also requests for additional help from the CVRC. He mentioned bike and boat races, walks, runs, etc. all of which will involve many many miles of radio coverage as well as dates going into the fall, etc. etc. The Treasurer’s and Secretaries reports were given. It was moved, seconded, voted and passed to approve both reports. Pete Jones showed some inexpensive golf ball (telescoping) retrievers which he got very inexpensively, which could perhaps double as adjustable vertical antennas. Jeff Shaw reported on some changes (more…)

The Future K1BKE.ORG

Well, what do you all think?  This is just the start of what K1BKE.ORG will be.  You can see the Twitter feed, events calendar, and some of the old club documents already. There are 5 banners and the idea is to add a new one from the pictures that we take over the year. The forums are a work in progress.  We need to work out user controls and make sure the subscription works as it should. We are looking at various image posting systems and more. The key to this site will be that we all work on posting and making it a great portal for the club between meetings.  The options are endless. (more…)

Contoocook Valley Radio Club