Steering Committee Minutes for November 28, 2017

CONTOOCOOK VALLEY RADIO CLUB EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETING – 11/28/17 The meeting stated at 7:07 pm. Present: Larry Beagle, Frank Ross, Jeff & Jen Shaw, Dale & Mickie Clement, Steve Jones. We reviewed all club activities, past, and future. Steve Jones will, at Jen’s request, disburse 11 Certificates of Participation for the 2017 Field Day Event. The topic for the January meeting is “Show and Tell”. Members are requested to bring any projects they are working on to that meeting and share their work. Also in January, is the “VHF Contest”. Members are asked to make contacts for their own scores or to aide other members scores, on any VHF band of their choice. It is on Jan. 20th and 21st, the 3rd weekend in January. The topic for the February meeting will be “tracking lightening and its interaction with ham radio”. The presenter will (more…)


CONTOOCOOK VALLEY RADIO CLUB GENERAL MEETING 11/14/17 The meeting started at 7:28 pm. [Dues were collected from M. Barker and J. Sheehy.] 3. There were 17 people present. The meeting began in reverse order with Cal Calivito presenting Christmas from HRO. He highlighted several new units from the various manufacturers, gave out small gifts, new catalogs, etc. The presentation was quite informative. The Secretary’s report and the Treasurer’s were presented and stood as recorded. Frank gave a Repeater Committee report and presented continuing discussion on the disposition of the second repeater donated by Jim Fowler. Further discussion will continue into January, 2018. Girls-on-the-Run will occur this Saturday at Memorial Field, this Saturday. Volunteers are needed. If able to assist, be there at about 8:30 am. Contact Russ, KB1JCX, head of ARES if you wish to become part of ARES. The next Steering Committee for (more…)

Minutes from the Steering Committee Meeting October 24, 2017

CONTOOCOOK VALLEY RADIO CLUB STEERING COMMITTEE MEETING 10/24/17 The meeting started at 7:17 pm. Present: Mike Plunkett, Ken Wilkens, Jeff Shaw, Jen Shaw, Dale & Mickie Clement, Steve Jones, Frank Ross. Mickie ngave the Treasurer’s Report and detailed several, mostly routine transactions. Frank gave the Repeater Committee report, and among other things, noted that a new 12 mo., #27 Marine Deep Cycle battery was installed. Frank also noted that Jim Fowler (KA1SU) donated an almost new Yaesu Fusion repeater to our club. A discussion ensued as to various things that might be done with the repeater. Some were to use as a backup to our current repeater, to have available for remote ARES activities, to activate on the 440 band, etc., etc. Mike gave us an update on the Scholarship Committee activities, and how they are proceeding to raise funds. Other issues of general (more…)

General Meeting Minutes for October 10, 2017

CONTOOCOOK VALLEY RADIO CLUB GENERAL MEETING 10/10/17 NOTE: Collected $10.00 from Jim Fowler (KA1SU) for 2018 dues. (See #10 below) Meeting started at 7:30 pm. There were 18 people present. The Secretary’s report was given and accepted The Treasurer’s was given by the Secretary in the absence of the Treasurer. It too was accepted. Activities Report: a) Music on Main St. – Henniker – went well. We had about 6 volunteers assisting with traffic and etc. Pedaling for Payson also went well. The upcoming Regatta on the Merrimack River is coming up. Meet at the Memorial Field in Pembroke. Be there by about 7:30 AM. Dec. 9th is the date for the Christmas Party. It will be at the Ichiban Restaurant – no change in venue. Mike Plunkett gave us an update on the Scholarship Committee. Larry Beagle , after discussion, moved that we (more…)

Steering Committee Minutes for September 26, 2017

CVRC STEERING COMMITTEE MTG. September 26, 2017 Meeting started at 7:16 pm. Present: Larry Beagle, Steve Jones, Mickie and Dale Clement, Frank Ross, Mike Plunkett, Jen & Jeff Shaw. Mike reviewed some questions he had relative to the continuing activities of the Scholarship Committee. As a result of discussion the following conclusions are agreed to: We will strive for a $400 dollar goal this year. Mike will try to identify 3 fund raising people to assist him in his activities. This year the following schools will be contacted: JS., Hop., Kear., MV, and possibly CHS. Mike wishes to continue with the use of a 5 judge panel. He still wants to continue with the use of collection cans. He wants to investigate the use for fund raising, of printing or embroidering ‘T’ shirts. He wishes to have each of the 3 fundraisers carry receipt (more…)

Minutes from the General Meeting on September 12, 2017

CVRC GENERAL MEETING SEPT. 12, 2017 The meeting began at 7:31 pm. There were approximately 27+ people present. Scholarship Comm. Report: The kickoff for next years fundraising will begin soon. Further discussion will occur at the Steering Committee. Repeater Committee Report: After a crew went to the site and measured various parameters, we were advised to “Leave it Alone”. It was determined that the RF losses in the cans was manageable and to leave it alone. Also the repeater needs a new deep cycle battery. Upcoming Activities: Pedaling for Payson – Sept. 16th Music on Mainstreet (Henniker) – Sept. 30th. More people are needed to assist with communications (This is primarily an ARES activity) STEERING COMMITTEE MEETING – Sept. 26th at Jen’s House (7:00 pm) Nearfest – Oct. 13th & 14th Deerfield Fair Grounds. NH Championship Regatta – Oct. 15th on the Merrimack River. (more…)

Tech Class Coming in October

The CVRC will offer a Tech License study class starting Friday, October 20 and lasting for 4 weeks.  The class will meet Fridays from 6pm – 9pm at the Red Cross building at 2 Maitlan Street in concord.  The course will use the Gordon West books available from Amazon and other sources at about $21.  The study course is free.  If you have any questions, please email Frank, N1FDR at ARRL.NET (more…)


CVRC Steering Committee Meeting 8-22-17 The meeting started at 7:05 pm. Present: Ken Wilkens, Jen Shaw, Jeff Shaw, Steve Jones The Treasurer’s Report was presented by Jen Shaw. Mickie was unavailable. Steve Jones read the minutes of the 8-8-17 General Meeting. Query: The time and date from Larry Beagle for the next Tech. License Course? Ken Wilkens, after extensive study, gave a report on various options open to us for the next Christmas Party. We talked about the Slusser Senior Center, the Ici Bon Restaurant (where we hold a reservation at this time), Allen’s Restaurant, choosing a dinner, a buffet, or other type of service, the pros and cons of catering, insurances, costs, and several other issues. . We will investigate The Henniker Community Center, doing a pot luck somewhere and other options. Reminder: The Ici Bon Restaurant reservation currently is for Dec. 9th, (more…)

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