CVRC GENERAL MEETING MARCH 8, 2011 – Business Portion 1. Mickie Clement opened meeting by explaining why meeting was being recorded, which was to permit yours truly, Steve Jones, Club Secretary, to create a set of minutes since I am unable to attend as I am recuperating from some serious injuries sustained while working at Concord High School on Feb 9, 2011. 2. THE HAM FEST: This major club event will be held on March 27, 2011 at the Henniker Middle School. Many signs will be posted directing you to the site. 3. Setup time for vendors is 6:30 AM. Doors open to the public at 8:00 AM. Well over 20 tables, including 2 for the club have already been reserved. 4. The total activity will consist of the flea market, a VE session for new licensees and for those who are upgrading, 3 (more…)

CVRC Business Meeting Minutes – 2/28/2011

MINUTES OF FEBRUARY 22, 2011 EXEC. BOARD MEETING – Done 2/28/11 FLEA MARKET 1. Our annual flea market is coming up soon. 2. Table requests so far: Mr. Mike -1, John Moore – 2 3. Need access to storage trailer. 4. At this time it is unknown if access can be made to trailer due to snow. 5. Ken Wilkens is checking as to whether or not the town of Henniker is suddenly charging a fee for putting up signs in town for the Flea Market. 6. Pete Stohrer has made up some brochures for the club. 7. Louise (K1LAS & Mickie W1MKY) will handle food, including purchase, storage, preparation, etc TREASURER’S REPORT WAS GIVEN ACQUISITION OF A PROJECTOR 1. The club needs to get a projector for presentations. 2. John M. contacted Dell Financial: They sell used machines with a 100 day warranty; (more…)

CVRC Business Meeting Minutes – 1/25/2011

EXECUTIVE BOARD 1/25/11 Present: VP Curtis, Sec’y. Jones, Treas. Micki Clement Guests: Lee – AA1YN, Dale – AF1T 1. Treasurer’s Report: $260 added to previous balance. New Current balance = $xxxx.xx. 2. We can all download a new flyer (see copy) and reproduce it in time for our Flea Market in Henniker School, to be held on March 27, 2011. We can all download the flyer, make copies and get them distributed to various communities. The one we download was done by Lindsay Collins. 3. Old Business: We still need to buy an HF Antenna as a prize for the Flea Market. It was decided it was to be equal or similar to a Cobra or a G5RV type. Other prizes have already been obtained. 4. Reminder: The summer picnic for any CVRC member will be held on the 23rd of July. Come one, (more…)


MINUTES CVRC MEETING 1/11/11 Present or not: All members of Executive Board, except President John Moore All those shown on sign in sheet (28 + guest speaker, NE1B). 1. Wayne Santos presented a complete update on all work recently completed at the Amateur Radio station in the Discovery Center at NHTI. 2. The main presentation began, as presented by Bill Barber, NE1B and Geoff Johnson, KB1POR on APRS. 3. Real time data and movement was presented, along with still slides, a large display of radios equipped with digipeaters, separate miniature digipeaters, GPS devices, low power transmitters for APRS and other devices. 4. Mentioned that the commonly used frequencies for APRS are 144.39, various HF frequencies, and 145.825 on the Space Station. 5. Mentioned that more digipeater sites are needed to give coverage to various low lying areas between mountains and such for allowing hikers, (more…)


The Contoocook Valley Radio Club Picnic/cookout/foxhunt July 15, 2001     In lieu of the regular club meeting in July, the club voted at its June meeting to have an outing at Elm Brook Park in Hopkinton Sunday July 15. The weather could not have been more pleasant! Skip Doughty, N1PHZ, brought the necessary tools and cooking equipment, Dave Connors, N1TKP, and his daughter Chris gave generously of their time to cook and serve the food. On arrival, many of the members who brought their HT’s were seen walking around the park trying to locate the “FOX” that Ken Wilkens, K1MID, had hidden the day before. Unofficially, Tim Firkowski, KB9DGB found the hidden transmitter first and then Jason Greene, N1IIC, The best homebrew antenna was Dale’s, AF1T.   Club members who attended were:   Jason, N1IIC Ellie O’Hearn, KB1EFJ Tim, KB9DGB Ken, K1MID and (more…)


Contoocook Valley Radio Club Business Meeting July 5, 2001 Minutes     Pres. Jason, N1IIC opened the meeting at 7:32, July 5, 2001, at his home in Bow, NH.   Members in attendance: Jason Greene, N1IIC; Dale Clement, AF1T; Al Marin, K1CYJ, Shawn Upton, KB1CKT, Tim Firkowski, KB9DGB, Al Bardwell, NS1O, Don Curtis, N1ZIH.   Field Day wrap-up: Tim collected the remaining dupes sheets. Jason also mentioned that he had the logs on diskettes for those who utilized computer logging. The ARRL bonus checklist was reviewed. Tim brought 175 photos that he took during the weekend. He will download those and other photos and videos, yet to be contributed, to a CD which then will be reproduced and made available for purchase by club members. Forty seven (47) people visited the field day site. Tower Issue: The erecting and lowering of towers, safety issues, (more…)


The Contoocook Valley Radio Club Minutes of the Regular Meeting Jun 12, 2001   President Jason Green, N1IIC, called the meeting to order at 7:17 P.M. at the Hopkinton Library site.   Twenty-eight (28) members and quests were in attendance. The non-hams guests were Ryan Jones and Mark Weber.   First Time Attendees were Lee Scott, AA1YN, of Hooksett, Dan Daly, KB1GSA, and Russ Ouellette, K1OB, of Penacook.   Health and Welfare   Scott Clay, N1ZGO, gave a short update on Bob Sandborn, W1BDC, who is a resident of the Old Soldiers Home in Tilton.   Program – Field Day   Tim Firkowski, KB9DGB, Field Day Chairman, introduced Jerry Blanchard, K1BBQ, Co-chair, who gave a slide presentation of the Field Day planning results.   After the program there was a 20-minute break.   Business Meeting   Jason called the meeting back to order at 8:45. (more…)


Contoocook Valley Radio Club Business Meeting May 22, 2001 Minutes   Pres. Jason, N1IIC opened meeting at 7:30, May 22, 2001, at the Legionnaires Home in Warner, NH.   Members in attendance: Jason Greene, N1IIC; Jerry Blanchard, K1BBQ; Dale Clement, AF1T; Al Marin, K1CYJ, Shawn Upton, KB1CKT, Tim Firkowski, KB9DGB, Ken Wilkens, K1MID and Skip Doughty, N1PHZ.   Former WA1LDS, Lee, Attended the meeting. The following topics were discussed: 1. For the June meeting program, some one from the Central NH Radio Club will speak. 2. Ken Wilkens outlined the July Club Outing: a. The Place of the outing will be at Elm Brook Park, b. Date: July 15, c. Site reserved: #4 at $40 and reserved till 11AM, d. The price of admission will be $1 a head or $3 per car load, e. Ken will write up the instructions to be included (more…)

Regular Meeting Minutes For May 8, 2001

The Contoocook Valley Radio Club Minutes of the Regular Meeting May 8, 2001   Vice President Dale Clement, AF1T, called the meeting to order at 7:28 P.M. at the Hopkinton Library site.   Twenty-three (23) members and quests were in attendance. The non-hams guests were Nick French and Mark Weber. Paul Gifford of Hollis, K1NL, and Mike Dawson, of Derry, KD1UC came to take part in the program   Program – Fox Hunting   Paul Gifford of Hollis, K1NL, Mike Dawson, of Derry, KD1UC, and Ken Wilkens, K1MID took part in a forum concerning Fox Hunting. Many facets of the topic where very interestingly covered. Mike passed along a reference book entitled “Antenna Fox Hunts” with an ISP # of 0830627014 and he talked about his home made antennas used in his fox hunting experiences. Paul related many stories about fox hunting on 10 (more…)

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