Upcoming Events

Our wonderful club members have come through again! We have programs tentatively planned out for the coming months, August will be a HF Forum where knowledgeable members will share with us their experience’s, “Working DX when the Band Sounds Dead” by Barry Whittemore NF1O, and Dave Perrin K1OPQ! September will be a VHF Forum where you, the members will be encouraged to bring in your contest awards, portable antenna’s, rigs, and tales to share so that we may all learn from your successes, and the things you had to try again! October we are hoping to have our own Chris Wiles who has made a portable antenna for roving, and is going to share with us his roving expertise! We are going to try to get him to come back in November to teach us all how to make his roving antenna for “Make an Antenna November!” (sign up and price for kits will be included in future message).
Tuesday August 7th is Night Out Against Crime in Rollins Park in Concord NH 5pm-8pm. The club has had a table at this event for several years now. It is a great chance for us to let the public know that Ham Radio is alive and well and still very useful! We will be providing the table, tent, chairs, and materials to hand out, if a few bodies could fill those seats that would be great! Doesn’t have to be for the whole time, but having hams there with different perspectives of the hobby helps answer some of the questions the kids (and adults!) come up with!
We will see you August 14th, 7:30pm for our regular club meeting, where we do have to vote in an interim Vice President. Maybe that person who has been thinking about running for next year, can volunteer now?
Lindsay Collins K1JY has kindly offered to take over the web management responsibilities. Thank you Lindsay!!
The club is still in need of an Events Committee Chair, and well, a committee! Let us know if able to help out your club.

See you soon! 73,
President of the CRVC

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