Steering Committee Meeting Minutes for 7/24/18

1. The meeting started at 7:00 pm.
2. There were the following present: Mickie, Dale, Steve, Jen, Larry B., Mike, Ken.
3. Noted that we need to contact Steve Chunn, Trustee, about the renewal of the K1BKE call.
4. Barry, NF1O, and Dave P., K1OPQ have agreed to present, on making HF contacts when the band
seems dead.
5. Steve Jones will take over the Treasurer’s job for the Aug. 14th meeting. Mickie will be away.
6. The revised Field Day total contact score has been revised up to 8,510 points. This is a great
score and compares well with previous years.
7. Whereas the owner of the Field Day field, Fred B., is getting close to where he may no longer be
able to mow the field as beautifully as he has in the past, cause he too is getting older, so we are
considering to move the site of our operations to Dale Clement’s house. We would still operate
on emergency power, but would no longer have to erect towers. This would possibly change
our class of operations from 4A to something else. This is only in discussion at this point. No
final decisions will be made for some time.
8. Mickie noted that we only spent $105.00 on Field Day food, this year.
9. S.J. will call Pete Stohrer to try, a second time, to get a list of New England club meeting
10. Steve Jones gave the Secretary’s report on the 7/10/18 General Mtg. The report was accepted.
11. Mickie gave the Treasurer’s report from the July meeting.
12. The “Night Out Against Crime” gathering at Rollins Park, Concord, is coming up on Aug. 7th, at
2:00 pm. All are requested to be there, at least for a little while.
13. The meeting adjourned at approx.. 8:30 pm.
Respectfully Submitted,
Steve Jones, CVRC Secretary, N1JHJ

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