1. People present: Mike, Larry, Frank, Jeff, Jen, Pete, Mickie, Dale, Steve
2. There was discussion on how to replace destroyed club tent. ( was 8X8 or 10X10)
3. The tent will be replaced by Pete Jones before Field Day.
4. It was authorized to replace tent to up to $120.00 and up to 10’X10’.
5. Pete will ck. out tents at Rocky’s, Sears, Dick’s, Ocean State Job Lots.
6. For Sept. 5th, Sarah Dustin needs help sorting and selling John Moore’s tools, and etc. Sept. 8th and 9th is actual sale date.
7. Noted that K1BBQ just passed away less than a week ago.
8. Jen gave Steve 20 invitations to Field Day to mail out. That will be done shortly.
9. Henry Weeden was reimbursed $200.00 for a radio he gave to the club.
10. Al Bardwell successfully purchased 6 lap top computers for Field Day, that he was able to get at the Dayton Ham Radio Convention.
11. Gerry Hull has confirmed for 40 meters, CW, etc. (band captain)
12. Noted that Jeff will run GOTA this year. He has a radio to use.
13. June 6th will be a repair day for guy wires, etc. for our tower systems.
14. There will also be a tower training day on that same day, Wednesday. Work will start at about 9:00 am. at Jen’s house.
15. Mickie gave her Treasurer’s report. Various income and expenses were reported. Also $40.00 was expended to reserve the Pavillion at Elm Brook State Park for our Summer Picnic.
16. Various ‘e’ mail addresses will be sent to Jen, from Steve, as well as the latest membership list.
17. Glen Hammond is confirmed for setting up the electrical grid at Field Day.
18. Paul Cuda’s generator is confirmed for Field Day, as well.
Respectfully Submitted,
Steve Jones, Secretary, CVRC N1JHJ

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