Steering Committee Minutes for November 28, 2017



  1. The meeting stated at 7:07 pm.
  2. Present: Larry Beagle, Frank Ross, Jeff & Jen Shaw, Dale & Mickie Clement, Steve Jones.
  3. We reviewed all club activities, past, and future.
  4. Steve Jones will, at Jen’s request, disburse 11 Certificates of Participation for the 2017 Field Day Event.
  5. The topic for the January meeting is “Show and Tell”. Members are requested to bring any projects they are working on to that meeting and share their work.
  6. Also in January, is the “VHF Contest”. Members are asked to make contacts for their own scores or to aide other members scores, on any VHF band of their choice. It is on Jan. 20th and 21st, the 3rd weekend in January.
  7. The topic for the February meeting will be “tracking lightening and its interaction with ham radio”. The presenter will be Pasha Roberts.
  8. In March, Dale will present “Classic Radio Antennas”.
  9. We will soon nail down a date for the upcoming March CVRC Flea Market.
  10. Stan Burbank, KB1YSK, will soon have a schedule for amateurs that can help cover the station at the Discovery Center, during Christmas Week. If you’ve been vetted by the State Police, and there are 12 of us that have, please contact Stan for a refresher course, (very brief) and a 2 hour slot on the schedule. Those vetted by the club are: Steve Jones, Mickie and Dale, Al Bardwell, Don Curtis, Mark Barker, Mike Conroy, Pete Stohrer, Wayne Santos, Tom Perkins, Jeff Shaw, Frank Ross.
  11. For the 2017 Field Day, the CVRC came in 7th of 133 clubs across the nation. THAT’S REALLY VERY GOOD!! We should all be very proud.
  12. Reminder: Dec. 9th is the Christmas Party. Don’t forget to BE THERE and bring a Yankee Swap Gift (under $10.00 in valve) Its 4-8:00 pm at the Ichibon Restaurant.
  13. Also on Dec. 10th is the 10 Meter Contest. It’ll be interesting to hear what makes it through being the band hasn’t been open too much lately.
  14. The meeting was adjourned at 8:26 pm.

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