Steering Committee Minutes for September 26, 2017


September 26, 2017

  1. Meeting started at 7:16 pm.
  2. Present: Larry Beagle, Steve Jones, Mickie and Dale Clement, Frank Ross, Mike Plunkett, Jen & Jeff Shaw.
  3. Mike reviewed some questions he had relative to the continuing activities of the Scholarship Committee.
  4. As a result of discussion the following conclusions are agreed to: We will strive for a $400 dollar goal this year. Mike will try to identify 3 fund raising people to assist him in his activities. This year the following schools will be contacted: JS., Hop., Kear., MV, and possibly CHS.
  5. Mike wishes to continue with the use of a 5 judge panel.
  6. He still wants to continue with the use of collection cans.
  7. He wants to investigate the use for fund raising, of printing or embroidering ‘T’ shirts.
  8. He wishes to have each of the 3 fundraisers carry receipt books. Each receipt has to have on it, that the donation is not tax deductible due to our 501 C7 tax status. (hobby club)
  9. Mike will attempt to identify each of the 3 fund raisers by the next meeting, Oct. 10th.
  10. Mike will send notices to the guidance counsellors of the schools to be targeted.
  11. There will be no new venue for the Christmas Party. We will continue at Ichiban Restaurant, as in the past. (Food costs are tip included, as in the past.)
  12. Mickie gave her Treasurer’s Report. Some bills were paid, but no major changes reported.
  13. Steve gave his minutes report of the last General Meeting, for which Mickie took notes.
  14. Repeater: Report given by Frank. Larry moved to purchase a new backup battery and a FLOAT type charger. Funds to not exceed $200.00
  15. Jeff is lining up a new speaker from Greenbank Observatory, to talk about SETI.
  16. The meeting was closed.

Respectfully Submitted,

Steve Jones, CVRC Secretary N1JHJ

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