Tonights Club Meeting!

Tonight at 7:30pm on Houston Drive, Contoocook we will be enjoying the presentation on The Titanic and Radio Communication by Skip Youngberg K1NKR. Skip is President of the Nashoba Valley Radio Club, and is kind enough to join us a second time to edify and entertain. Everyone is welcome to join Skip and officers for dinner at Dimitri’s in Contoocook at 6:15pm, then on to the regular club meeting! See you there!


73, Jen Shaw K1JNE

One thought on “Tonights Club Meeting!”

  1. Hi Jen;

    If you need someone to make a presentation at a club meeting, I volunteer. Topics could be determined if there is a need. I’ve done many presentations to other clubs across the country and also have been active in the “Break Through Listen” project. I visit many electronics oriented museums and company’s and also am a member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers and the Antique Wireless Association / RCA. Also QCWA and ARRL, AMSAT activity.

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