Holding auction to benefit CVRC STEM Scholarship

At our last club meeting we had a very succinct presentation given to us by Pete Jones N1PPJ, who among other things is a professional auctioneer. He offered to donate his expertise and explained to us how we could make thousands, yes, thousands for the CVRC scholarship fund by simply dropping a piece of paper off to local businesses in our area’s, and gathering gift certificate’s, or items that can be auctioned off.  A few minutes of our time could result in being able to give an amazing scholarship to a deserving student entering the science, technology, engineering, or math fields of study. The questions on everyone’s mind were; why should we do this, and how much time will it take from my life? Well, let’s start with our Constitution which states, “It shall be our purpose to facilitate the exchange of information and general cooperation between members, to promote radio knowledge, fraternalism, and individual operating efficiency, and to so conduct club programs and activities as to advance the general interest and welfare of amateur radio in the general community.”  I read part of this to mean that as a club, we should be doing activities that promote amateur radio and show our club in a good light so as to create interest. I think a scholarship benefiting our local children fit’s this rather well.  I run into people all the time who say, ” I didn’t know HAM radio was still a thing!” Imagine how many we could reach with the information that amateur radio is alive and well, and just as valid today as it was a hundred years ago, if we were noted as giving away scholarships worth thousands! At the very least we would reach the hundreds of parents, and public, who would be in attendance of this event. This brings us to the next answer, it wouldn’t be very much time. Gather a few items/gift certificate’s, and bring them to a club meeting. We would need a few people willing to help with set-up, and take down, and would probably use local high school kids to be runners at the auction. A few minute’s of time from someone in each town we represent, and we could make this auction a home run!!

There was talk of the Scholarship Committee letting club members read some of the answers submitted by potential scholarship recipients in order to peak interest in taking on this auction. Unfortunately these applications were submitted with the understanding that the review committee alone would read them, so they will not be shared.  Needless to say, these kids are all great students with amazing stories and wonderful dreams, and they each tried very hard to win a two hundred dollar scholarship. It would be wonderful if next year it was a two thousand dollar scholarship for two or three students!! We will be voting on this at the next club meeting on whether or not to go forward with this. I would love for us to get behind this!

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