Steering Committee Minutes for April 25, 2017



    1. Discussion: The meeting began shortly after 7:00 pm.  There were 10 people present: Steve J., Mike, Larry, Frank, Ken, Jen, our President, Dale, Mickie, Jeff and Pete.
    2. There was discussion to look at ideas for future projects, on the order of the successful one just completed, the construction of a ground plane antenna. Some recommendations were to refer to U Tube videos by Dave Tadlock and KG6ZZ.
    3. Suggested we consider filter kits, other antennas, soldering, etc.
    4. Jen noted that Elmering is very important and should strongly be encouraged.  We need to try to organize the effort.
    5. Scholarship Committee:  Noted that there are now 8 applications for the scholarship we wish to offer.
    6. We decided that the CVRC as a whole will not be reading individual applications. That chore is the Review Committees job and they are ready to perform their job, maintaining appropriate confidentiality in the process.
    7. The committee consists of: Jim Lord, citizen, the retired Fire Chief, Dale, Steve, Mike P.
    8. Next, Mickie gave the Treasurer’s Report.
    9. The Secretaries Report was given.  They were both accepted/approved.
    10. Noted that K1BKE@Word Press is where the club ‘e’ mails come from.
    11. Also noted that the New Members Welcome Letter needs to be revised/updated.
    12. For the next meeting only, Larry Beagle will replace Ken Wilkens for getting the Library room ready for the next General Meeting, on the second Tuesday of May, May 9th.
    13. Our meeting was adjourned at 8:18 pm.




Respectfully Submitted,


Steve Jones, Secretary

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