CONTOOCOOK VALLEY RADIO CLUB GENERAL MEETING – 3/21/17 There were 24 people present at the meeting. The minutes of the 2/28/17 Gen. Mtg. were read and approved. The Treasurers Report was given. The club is financially very stable. The good news is that we have exceeded the goal of collecting $200 for the club Scholarship fund. Totals for the income from the Flea Market were the same, if not better than last years. Congratulations to all who worked so hard on planning and executing the event. Special thanks to Jeff and Jen Shaw, Mickie Clement and others for their leadership and experience. Overall, the event was very successful. Also special thanks to the vendors and the presenters. Comment from Steve Jones: a) There were many people who indicated that they had a really good time and would be back. This comment from vendors, as (more…)