CONTOOCOOK VALLEY RADIO CLUB EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETING – 2/28/17 There were 10 people present. The meeting started at 7:05 pm. There was discussion of trying to continue the ill-fated K1BKE repeater net. No strong conclusions reached. Noted that we will post an invite for volunteers to lead the net, to see if anyone else is interested in trying to resurrect it. The Treasurer’s Report was given by Mickie. Noted that she paid out $600.00 for the new Fusion repeater. Steve Jones read the previous General Meeting minutes. Both minutes were accepted. The club’s insurance is for $6000.00 approx. Mickie had it adjusted to include the new repeater. It was noted by Steve Jones that old HRO gift certificates that have not been used by recipients now amount to approx. $213.00 in value. It was suggested that we attach notes to the gifts stating that (more…)

March 14th Meeting Program, etc.

We had a change of programming for our March meeting, on the 14th at 7:30pm we will have our regular club meeting. Afterwards we will enjoy a presentation on Emergency Communication. Jeff Shaw KB1WTI has been working on a project to show us the different sides of emergency communication and public service, and Mike Plunkett  would like to share with us some information about how to handle an emergency. For those interested in attending the Steering Committee Meeting, it will be at 831 Hemlock Corner Loop, Henniker, at 7pm, tomorrow night Feb 28th. We will be discussing details about the flea market coming up, about the idea of renewing the net on 895, will hear a report from the Events Committee and the Scholarship Committee Chair, and any new business. Hope to see you Tuesday! 73 Jen K1JNE (more…)

CVRC Flyer!

Please print out and post around your area.  Table registrations are open and you can request one by sending an email to events@k1bke.org. Flyer for CVRC Flea – 2017 (PDF) As an aside, the events committee is looking for 2 more people to help with organizing events like the Flea, Family Picnic, and other social events through out the year.  contact events@k1bke.org if you are interested. (more…)


CONTOOCOOK VALLEY RADIO CLUB GENERAL MEETING – 2/14/17 The meeting started at 7:34 pm. There were 20 people present. The minutes were read of the previous General Meeting. The Treasurer’s Report and minutes of the previous Steering Committee Meeting were also read. The minutes of the previous General Meeting were accepted, as read. Frank Ross gave a report on the new repeater and indicated that it had been tested successfully. Mike gave a report on the Scholarship Committee. He indicated that Dale, AF1T, Steve, N1JHJ and others will serve on the review committee. Kearsarge Regional High School, John Stark Regional High School and Hopkinton High School have been contacted thus far and are included at this time. The Event Chairman, Jeff, gave his report, indicating that 2 upcoming talks are scheduled for future meetings, thus far. The Web Master, Jeff, gave his report, indicating (more…)

Steering Committee Meeting Minutes for January 31, 2017

CVRC Steering Committee Meeting 1/31/17 1. The meeting opened at 7:05 pm. There were 11 people present. 2. Discussion began with a definition of the Steering Committee, according to the President’s wishes. 3. Noted that the President can assign chair people to various committees. 4. Jen: The standing Steering Committee shall be defined as: (a) The Executive Officers and (b) the appointed chair people. All members who attend Steering Committee meetings can vote. 5. Noted that the Secretary gave the President a copy of the latest 1/11/17 membership list. 6. The Treasurer’s Report was given by Mickie. She noted that info on the club’s new repeater was forwarded to the Mercer Insurance Company. 7. Also noted that she is completing this year’s tax forms, and that we are a 501-C7 organization. 8. Mickie reported our ending balance. 9. A thought: Maybe we could start (more…)