Steering Committee Meeting Change

To all interested in attending our Steering Committee, due to illness and oncoming weather, we will be delaying our monthly meeting one week.  We will be meeting at my QTH, 831 Hemlock Corner Loop Henniker, on Tuesday January 31st at 7pm.  All are welcome to officially join the Steering Committee, please contact me if you wish to do so. 73, Jen K1JNE (more…)

January VHF Contest

Attention all amateurs: The January VHF Contest is THIS WEEKEND! It runs from 1900 UTC Saturday to 0359 Monday  UTC . Several club members will be on and looking for contacts WITH YOU!!  Please call on 146.52 – 2 meter FM or 144.2 and above on 2 meters sideband.  Also use 223.5 FM, 446.000 FM or other regular sideband frequencies.  You also can use FM and sideband frequencies on 6 meters, 902 MHz, 1296 MHz and all frequencies above 1296 all the way up to light frequencies. PLEASE  ENTER OR JOIN THE FUN AND GIVE US A CALL!! Thank you!   (more…)


CONTOOCOOK VALLEY RADIO CLUB GENERAL MEETING 1/10/17 1. There were 26 people present tonight. 2. The minutes were read for the brief Christmas Meeting. 3. At that meeting, a motion was made, seconded, voted and passed to purchase the Yaesu Fusion repeater recommended by the Executive Board, for $600.00 4. The minutes of the November Executive Board meeting were also read. 5. Mickie gave the Treasurer’s Report. 6. Frank Ross gave a report on the activities of the Repeater Committee. 7. He noted that the repeater trustee was changed from the resignation of Joe Burke, previous trustee, to the new trustee, Steve Chunn. 8. He also noted that the Repeater Committee consisted of Larry Beagle, Chair, Frank Ross and Steve Chunn. 9. The scholarship Committee report was given by Mike. He talke about strategies for raising funds.  Collection cans will be placed in strategic (more…)

CVRC Flea Market will be March 19

We have secured March 19 for the flea this year. I (KB1WTI) am taking the lead and learning to organize it. At this time, we have VE’s confirmed, rooms, and I am working on talks. Starting Feb 1, I will take “Reservations” for tables, but I can not guarantee things like power as I don’t have the locations of the tables vs the locations of the outlets. Next year, there will be a more precise information regarding this and I will be able to hold a table for someone based on needs on a first come-first serve basis. Till then, I am looking for a few people willing to meet and help coordinate the CVRC Events. Right now we have the Flea, Picnic, Music on Main Street, and Christmas party. If you wish to help, drop me an email at   73 Jeff (more…)

Message From Treasurer

Dues for 2017 are still $10.00 for those of us over 65, $20.00 a year for the under 65 crew, and it is $30.00 for a family. Students are still free. I will be giving out receipts and Contoocook Valley Radio Club Membership Cards at each meeting. Please fill out a new Membership form or give any new information (eg. new address, new cell phone number, new interests in Amateur Radio) to Steve Jones, N1JHJ, our Club Secretary. Web Manager Note: CVRC APP located HERE I will see you at the Meeting. 73 Mickie Clement, W1MKY (more…)

Updates to User Accounts

I have worked through the user accounts and it would seem that it is mostly working.  Members can post comments, committee chairs and officers can post articles and events. I will be starting to send all active members who have not signed up an email with a username and a temp password.  My goal is to have everyone signed up by the end of the month. More will be coming soon, till then, 73. (more…)

2017 New President Message

Happy New Year fellow club members! The New Year brings many changes to the Contoocook Valley Radio Club. First I would like to introduce myself as your new President. My name is Jen Shaw, K1JNE of Henniker, NH. I have been an active part of our group for almost 15 years, and a Ham for 11 years. I spent some years as our Secretary, and am very proud to be fulfilling the role of President. We have a new Vice President as well, Frank Ross N1FDR of Hillsboro is an active member of CARS, CA-ARES, and our newly formed Repeater Committee. I am sure he will do a bang up job as Program Director as well! I have many idea’s for a bright future for our great club such as; I plan to re-introduce to the club the guideline of Roberts Rules, and the more (more…)