Updates Through December

Hello everyone, In the coming month, as the CVRC does renewals, we will be switching to an invite only system for registering for the site.  This will cut down on human error as we are receiving hundreds of spam sign ups on a regular basis. This log in would be on a separate page and from there you would launch into the sites in the network where depending on your permissions, you will be able to post, comment, and sign up for events. All 3 sites will require that you are a member of that group to be able to post and see sensitive information, like the full comms plan in ARES, or access to the future forums of the CVRC. We will also be limiting the display names at this time.  I will meet with the web team and we will decide the (more…)


CONTOOCOOK VALLEY RADIO CLUB – 11/22/16 PLEASE NOTE: THE FOLLOWING REPRESENTS SOME VERY IMPORTANT TOPICS WHICH REQUIRE YOUR SERIOUS ATTENTION. Present were: Jen and Jeff, Dale and Mickie, Ken, Frank, Larry and Steve. Steve Jones and Mickie Clement gave their reports. Some discussion and it was moved and seconded, voted and passed to accept both reports. Tech Class Report: There were 9 students present at the Red Cross Building. We will wait and see how many take their Technician Class test and pass. We picked March 19th for our next BIG Flea Market. (Jock provide audio and coordinate w/ Building) n Tentative plans for future presentations: KA1SU – Jim- will present info on digital modes (there has been a delay due to health – January) AF1T – Amplifier Presentation (it’s been rehearsed once and gets better every time) February AF1T – Secret LED project (more…)

CVRC election of officers

Tuesday November 8th was the election for officers for 2017. Congratulations to Jen Shaw K1JNE president, Frank Ross N1FDR vice president, Steve Jones N1JHJ Secretary and Micky Clement W1MKY treasurer. Thanks to outgoing president Patrick Hart W1UD and vice president Larry Beagle KB1RIJ for their service. Looking forward to another good year for the CVRC. (more…)


CONTOOCOOK VALLEY RADIO CLUB GENERAL MEETING – 11/8/16 There were 20 people present. Noted that the Christmas Party was to be 3:30 to 8:00 pm at the Japanese Restaurant on Manchester St., on Dec. 10th. The Yankee Swap will be included, as usual. Cal Calavito, (WA1WOK) from HRO came to give us the latest info on Christmas gifts for Ham Radio. He talked about new radios, such as the FT-991A, featured on the new catalog cover, several new HT’s, some of which are very powerful in terms of what they can do, some new analyzers, and other devices. It was very informative. Larry Beagle mentioned that the repeater signal is much better than it used to be, since the nearby pine tree was cut down. The Election of Officers occurred. Ballots were distributed, counted, and the results were as follows: Jen Shaw won, as (more…)