Exec. Board Meeting May 24, 2016

CONTOOCOOK VALLEY RADIO CLUB EXEC. BD. MTG. 5/24/16 1. There were 8 people present: President, Vice Pres., Sec’y., Treas., Ken Wilkens, Frank Ross, Dale Clement, Jeff Shaw. 2. Dale reported on availability of Elm Brook State Park, for July 24th picnic. 3. Motion was made to have Club Picnic at Jen and Jeff’s house on Sat., July 23rd. Motion Seconded, voted and passed. 4. The rain date will be Sunday, July 24th . 5. Fred and Anita volunteered to demonstrate HF mobile operations at the picnic. 6. We must send a notice of the picnic out on the web, etc. in a timely fashion. 7. Reminder: Only club members can eat free. FIELD DAY PLANNING: 8. The GOTA tent will double as the 80 meter tent at night. 9. Al Bardwell will bring the 80 meter antenna. 10. Dale will provide a mast for (more…)


CONTOOCOOK VALLEY RADIO CLUB GENERAL MEETING 5-10-16 1. There were approximately 24 people present. 2. Steve Jones indicated that Vice President, Larry Beagle was ill at this time, so we will need some extra help at this time, since it’s possible that he may be unable to work with Pat Hart, our new President, in setting up Field Day and other chores which he indicated he would head up. 3. Our presenter, Gerry Hull, began talking about his topic: Remote Station Operation. 4. He indicated that a computer with 8 Mbps was required. 5. Using this setup, you can control the station you’re using, from anywhere in the world. 6. Gerry answered frequent questions as he progressed thru his presentation. 7. The talk was well received by the group. 8. Noted that a dual membership was received tonight from Mr. & Mrs. Malone (K2AQ (more…)