Contoocook Valley Radio Club Business Meeting May 22, 2001 Minutes   Pres. Jason, N1IIC opened meeting at 7:30, May 22, 2001, at the Legionnaires Home in Warner, NH.   Members in attendance: Jason Greene, N1IIC; Jerry Blanchard, K1BBQ; Dale Clement, AF1T; Al Marin, K1CYJ, Shawn Upton, KB1CKT, Tim Firkowski, KB9DGB, Ken Wilkens, K1MID and Skip Doughty, N1PHZ.   Former WA1LDS, Lee, Attended the meeting. The following topics were discussed: 1. For the June meeting program, some one from the Central NH Radio Club will speak. 2. Ken Wilkens outlined the July Club Outing: a. The Place of the outing will be at Elm Brook Park, b. Date: July 15, c. Site reserved: #4 at $40 and reserved till 11AM, d. The price of admission will be $1 a head or $3 per car load, e. Ken will write up the instructions to be included (more…)

Regular Meeting Minutes For May 8, 2001

The Contoocook Valley Radio Club Minutes of the Regular Meeting May 8, 2001   Vice President Dale Clement, AF1T, called the meeting to order at 7:28 P.M. at the Hopkinton Library site.   Twenty-three (23) members and quests were in attendance. The non-hams guests were Nick French and Mark Weber. Paul Gifford of Hollis, K1NL, and Mike Dawson, of Derry, KD1UC came to take part in the program   Program – Fox Hunting   Paul Gifford of Hollis, K1NL, Mike Dawson, of Derry, KD1UC, and Ken Wilkens, K1MID took part in a forum concerning Fox Hunting. Many facets of the topic where very interestingly covered. Mike passed along a reference book entitled “Antenna Fox Hunts” with an ISP # of 0830627014 and he talked about his home made antennas used in his fox hunting experiences. Paul related many stories about fox hunting on 10 (more…)