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My apologies to those who subscribe to web site update notifications.  You no doubt have been bombarded with notifications as I add CVRC meeting minutes going back to 2001.  Fortunately for both of us that project is nearly complete. Also added recently is a page showing CVRC dues under Club Documents. k1jy (more…)

ARRL, FCC Discussing Issue of Uncertified Imported VHF/UHF Transceivers

ARRL has taken a minor exception to the wording of a September 24 FCC Enforcement Advisory pertaining to the importation, marketing, and sale of VHF and UHF transceivers and is in discussion with FCC personnel to resolve the matter. The Enforcement Advisory was in response to the importation into the US of certain radio products that are not FCC certified for use in any radio service, but identified as Amateur Radio equipment. “While much of this equipment is actually usable on amateur bands, the radios are also capable of operation on non-amateur frequencies allocated to radio services that require the use of equipment that has been FCC certified,” ARRL said. “Such equipment is being marketed principally to the general public via mass e-marketers and not to Amateur Radio licensees.” ARRL said the upshot is that the general public has been purchasing these radios in (more…)

Steering Committee Meeting notes

CONTOOCOOK VALLEY RADIO CLUB BUSINESS MEETING – 9/25/18 The meeting began at 7:10 pm. There were 6 people present: Larry Beagle, Ken Wilkens, Dale and Mickie Clement, Mike Conroy and Jen Shaw. Discussed sending out an e mail listing coming events, and link it to the reflector. REMINDER: Nominations for officers are due in October, and voting will be in November. Business Meetings are held at 831 Hemlock Corner Loop, at Jen Shaw’s house. We soon will need to vote on the location of our next Field Day. We will need 2 good filters for the 40 and 20 meter bands. The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 pm. Respectfully Submitted Steve Jones, Secretary (NOTE: Actual minutes were taken by Mickie Clement, substituting for Steve Jones, who was absent. Steve Jones edited the minutes.) (more…)

Club Meeting notes

CONTOOCOOK VALLEY RADIO CLUB GENERAL MEETING – 9/11/18 The meeting started at 7:03 pm. There were 12 people present. Nominations for club officers need to be in by the October meeting. Elections will be held at the November meeting. There was discussion about moving Field Day to Dale Clement’s house on Craney Hill, Henniker. Dale will need help this fall to erect 2 towers. Anchors are already in the ground. Dale will do the climbing. A club member in long standing, Dick Cressy, W1EAW, passed away. It was noted that several members are NOT on the club reflector. Lindsay Collins can set up these people. Call 603-496-4004 during reasonable hours to make this happen. The Steering Committee meeting will be at President Jen’s house on September 25th at 7:00 pm. Please note that all are welcome to lend their input. It was noted by (more…)

K1BKE:CVRC Email Group Transition

Over the next week or so, the CVRC Email Group will be transitioning from Yahoo! Groups to a new platform at groups.io. Groups.io is a four-year old service created and managed by the creator of the original predecessor of Y! Groups. Among the benefits, groups.io provides a cleaner, simpler, more straight-forward, ad-free web interface and emails. If you use more than one email address, you have the option of adding an alias to your profile so your postings are not rejected as being from an unregistered address. No Y! membership is required to take full advantage of the platform. All current members with email preferences, and existing posts will be transferred. You will receive an email invitation to join which you will need to acknowledge. You may also opt-out via email at that time. The current K1BKE Y! group will be discontinued and closed (more…)

Club Meeting September 11, 2018

Contoocook Valley Radio Club, Club Meeting September 11, 2018 Meeting called to order at 7:33pm. President started meeting with a moment of silence for the countrys losses, and the clubs loss of Larry Damour N1PHV. Introductions were made of the ten members present, with an eleventh showing up later. Secretary’s Report was read, no corrections made, so standing as approved. Treasurer’s Report was made, no questions asked, so standing as recorded. Repeater Committee Report was shared; The DR2 is going up on Pat’s Peak soon. Steering Committee Report was read; Short discussion on using Dale Clements QTH for Field Day next year. Pros; Elevation, not having to put up towers, or half the tents, food prep will be easier. Cons; Dale needs help pouring two footings, parking will be limited so have to operate in shifts, less access to public. We will be voting (more…)

Steering Committee Notes

CONTOOCOOK VALLEY RADIO CLUB EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETING – 8/28/18 Present: L. Beagle, K. Wilkens, J. Shaw, M. Conroy, S. Jones, D. Clement, M. Clement. Jen noted that Sept. 8th is a Therapy Horse Show in Temple, N.H. All are welcome. Sarah Moore will be assisted by J. Shaw to sell the final quantity of John Moore’s belongings. Assistance is needed. We will allow Sarah to borrow a small tent or two, some tables, etc. A note will be required to hold them responsible for any damage to club property that may occur. A VHF forum will be the topic for the next meeting. Anyone can contribute. Chris, W1RGA, will present a talk on building VHF antennas in October. Dale and Steve will present a “Build Your Own Dipole” for 6 0r 10 meters in November. Info on dipoles for other bands will be made (more…)

Upcoming Events – Mark Your Calendar

Sept 7th,8th,9th in Boxboro Ma. Is the ARRL Convention/flea market. Sept 8th is the John Moore Estate Sale, selling off many items he has collected over the years, including many tools of all ages. At 320 Dustin Rd, Contoocook NH. Sept 8th & 9th is a VHF Contest. So reach out to your contesters!! Sept 11th is our next club meeting, being held at the Henniker Community Center in Henniker. We will be exploring VHF in all it’s glory! So if you have a project, a story, a question, an award, or a curious nature, please come and take part!! Directions: Take Rush Rd off Main Street, and your first right onto Crescent Street and park in the municipal parking, the community center is at the end of the parking lot facing the park. We will be meeting here for the next three months! Sept 15th ARES is looking for (more…)

Larry Damour, N1PHV-SK

Larry was a long time, and very loyal and giving, member of our club. For several years he dragged out his large tent, his military kitchen, the water buffalo and radio truck for our use at Field Day. He was our Spaghetti King for our Saturday night dinners for many, many years. He was always a shining face at National Night Out Against Crime in Concord, showing off his military vehicles, and letting kids climb in and honk the horns.  I knew him far fewer years than many of our members, but I know he will be sorely missed. WEARE – Lawrence Albert “Larry” Damour, Sr., age 70, of Weare, passed away on Friday, Aug. 17, 2018. Larry was born in Manchester on June 26, 1948 but grew up in Henniker. Larry was born to the late Donat A. and Margueritte (Gagnon) Damour, he was also predeceased (more…)

August Club Meeting Minutes

CONTOOCOOK VALLEY RADIO CLUB GENERAL MEETING – 8/14/18 There were 11 people present. The minutes of the July 10th General Meeting were presented and accepted. The minutes of the July 24th Executive Board Meeting were presented and accepted. Lindsay reported on work he has done on our website , and his website, for the benefit of the club. The President stated that according to the Constitution, we HAD to elect a Vice President tonight. Therefore, Steve Jones moved, and Barry W. seconded, to substitute a voice vote for the normally used paper ballot for this “special circumstances” election. It was moved, and seconded, to approve Larry Beagle as interim Vice President of the CVRC. It was voted in the affirmative, and approved. Noted by Jen, that Sarah Moore would like some assistance in selling off John Moore’s stuff on Sept. 5th, 2018. It was (more…)

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