New Info on Antenna Build! Space is still limited!

To all those interested but not yet signed up.      I have been able to obtain SOME MORE PARTS.  If you are interested but figured there wouldn’t be enough parts, I have some news.  I can now accomodate more than 10 people.  We can go for 15, now, instead of 10.   Just sign up.  The antenna will work well, and will handle plenty of power and is only $5.00.  So please reconsider, and try building this antenna.  At the very least, it makes a good stand-by antenna. Steve Jones, N1JHJ   (more…)

At the April 11 Meeting

We will have the antenna build with N1JHJ.  There are 9 signed up and getting a 1/4 wave 2m ground plane antenna!  There is 1 left if you are interested, you need to contact today! Jeff will also be on hand after the program to register people with the website.  Your user name will be your call, and he will generate a password for you. Going forward, Jeff will be signing people into the website after each program through out the year, if you can not make it, send an email to (more…)

March 14th Meeting Program, etc.

We had a change of programming for our March meeting, on the 14th at 7:30pm we will have our regular club meeting. Afterwards we will enjoy a presentation on Emergency Communication. Jeff Shaw KB1WTI has been working on a project to show us the different sides of emergency communication and public service, and Mike Plunkett  would like to share with us some information about how to handle an emergency. For those interested in attending the Steering Committee Meeting, it will be at 831 Hemlock Corner Loop, Henniker, at 7pm, tomorrow night Feb 28th. We will be discussing details about the flea market coming up, about the idea of renewing the net on 895, will hear a report from the Events Committee and the Scholarship Committee Chair, and any new business. Hope to see you Tuesday! 73 Jen K1JNE (more…)

CVRC Flyer!

Please print out and post around your area.  Table registrations are open and you can request one by sending an email to Flyer for CVRC Flea – 2017 (PDF) As an aside, the events committee is looking for 2 more people to help with organizing events like the Flea, Family Picnic, and other social events through out the year.  contact if you are interested. (more…)

CVRC Steering Committee Meeting Minutes for January 31, 2017

CVRC Steering Committee Meeting 1/31/17 1. The meeting opened at 7:05 pm. There were 11 people present. 2. Discussion began with a definition of the Steering Committee, according to the President’s wishes. 3. Noted that the President can assign chair people to various committees. 4. Jen: The standing Steering Committee shall be defined as: (a) The Executive Officers and (b) the appointed chair people. All members who attend Steering Committee meetings can vote. 5. Noted that the Secretary gave the President a copy of the latest 1/11/17 membership list. 6. The Treasurer’s Report was given by Mickie. She noted that info on the club’s new repeater was forwarded to the Mercer Insurance Company. 7. Also noted that she is completing this year’s tax forms, and that we are a 501-C7 organization. 8. Mickie reported our ending balance. 9. A thought: Maybe we could start (more…)

Steering Committee Meeting Change

To all interested in attending our Steering Committee, due to illness and oncoming weather, we will be delaying our monthly meeting one week.  We will be meeting at my QTH, 831 Hemlock Corner Loop Henniker, on Tuesday January 31st at 7pm.  All are welcome to officially join the Steering Committee, please contact me if you wish to do so. 73, Jen K1JNE (more…)

January VHF Contest

Attention all amateurs: The January VHF Contest is THIS WEEKEND! It runs from 1900 UTC Saturday to 0359 Monday  UTC . Several club members will be on and looking for contacts WITH YOU!!  Please call on 146.52 – 2 meter FM or 144.2 and above on 2 meters sideband.  Also use 223.5 FM, 446.000 FM or other regular sideband frequencies.  You also can use FM and sideband frequencies on 6 meters, 902 MHz, 1296 MHz and all frequencies above 1296 all the way up to light frequencies. PLEASE  ENTER OR JOIN THE FUN AND GIVE US A CALL!! Thank you!   (more…)

Contoocook Valley Radio Club